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[Info] 140828 CNBLUE 「WAVE」 3rd Major Japanese LP Release

[Info] 140828 CNBLUE 「WAVE」 3rd Major Japanese LP Release |♪♩ ♬ #CNBLUE ☆

wave profile crop

wave group crop

< Tracklist >

1. Intro (Composition by Jung Yonghwa)
2. Radio (Composition /Lyrics by Jung Yonghwa)
3. Go Your Way (Composition /Lyrics by Jung Yonghwa)
4. Truth (Composition /Lyrics by Jung Yonghwa)
5. Foxy (Composition /Lyrics by Lee Jonghyun)
6. Lonely Night (Composition /Lyrics by Jung Yonghwa)
7. Still (Composition /Lyrics by Jung Yonghwa)
8. Paradise (Composition /Lyrics Lee Jonghyun)

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[Album|Vid] CNBLUE 「Go your way」 8th Japan Single Album [320kbps]
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Happy 5th Anniversary!!! Thank you for your musics!!! 
eterna BOICE &lt;3
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[140819 CNBLUE 5th anniversary of Japan indie debut]

2009年8月20日 00:07「きょうはほんとうにうれしいです。」














cr: CNBLUE スタブロ
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So far this year has been one of the most special times in my life both personally and well, fandom wise! I have been a fan of CNBLUE since 2011 and since I met these guys, they have brought me nothing but happiness into my life. Through loving them and their music and following their careers as actors and everything else, I’ve been able to meet so many beautiful BOICE and have made friendships and sisterhoods that will last a lifetime, even after our fandom days are done. This is one reason I love CNBLUE. Their music crosses barriers of language, race, and even age which is why we have access to so many different types of fans from old to young and all over the world. Mark my words, CNBLUE is just getting started with their latch on their fans because they can only go up from here. I am just happy to be fortunate enough to be there along for the ride.

One way I wanted to connect with other fans was through this website which you all know is my outlet for my spazzing, but also where I share all my thoughts and of course, media content with all of you current and new CNBLUE fans. Last year I founded CNBLUE USA, the first and only fanbase dedicated to CNBLUE for U.S. fans, by U.S. fans. Since our start, we’ve had so much success with our projects. To learn more, go here: CNBUSA. This year since we found out CNBLUE would be at KCON, we thought we should be there too so our fanbase worked non stop planning and preparing for their arrival.

Last Friday, August 8th 2014, I flew to LA for the second time this year and met up with two of my lovely team mates Sophia and Qtt, my newest CNBUSA sisters. We headed over to K-Town to eat our first meal together:

After dinner we were off to sleep & begin the crazy weekend ahead, and believe me, it was CRAZY! Two full days of no sleep and high energy but it was all worth it for the chance to educate new and non CNBLUE fans. KCON 2014 hosted over 40K KPOP fans over the course of the weekend so imagine how many new BOICE were there and all the fans who didn’t even know a thing about the guys who have changed my life?! This was a perfect opportunity to reach more people than we could ever do just on Twitter or online period and I think we were really successful in the end! CNBLUE USA had so many giveaway prizes provided by BOICE and our partners to give away to a few lucky fans and I feel so proud to have been able to be there to witness it.

20140810_152919 20140810_152836 20140810_152813 20140810_152754

Sunday August 10th 2014 we decided to head over to LAX to welcome CNBLUE to the U.S. again this year. This being my first time ever to await and welcome them at the airport, I was super excited and nervous lol. We had gotten news of their arrival sometime around 10am so we noticed that there were two flights coming in from Pudong which is the airport the band connected to before making their long flight to the states.

Sophia & Mari at LAXAirline times 140810Before we knew it, there were swarms of fans and news crews around us all with the same intentions of seeing CNBLUE again. I have to say, I was really nervous as if I would personally be meeting them, meeting Yonghwa and of course that wasn’t gonna happen right? Shit like that never happens to me, I’m never that lucky. So all of a sudden as we’re all waiting at the International Arrivals exit, CNBLUE are spotted already leaving the airport. Apparently they had taken another route which we sort of expected, but really, we had no clue what exit to wait at. Everyone hurried outside to grab a glimpse and hopefully we didn’t’ miss them. As I approached the curb, I saw Jungshin and I immediately readied my phone camera to capture what my eyes were crazily witnessing!

 Here’s my failed attempt:

140810 JS & YH 2 140810 YH 1140810 JS & YH 140810 CNBLUE 2 140810 CNBLUE 3

As the guys all climbed up the escalader I thought, “there was my chance to get them on film at the very least”… Since I was never truly intending on doing anything more than that. Fans followed them up the escalader and really stuck on them and I didn’t want to do that. I really hate when I see fans overstep their boundaries and follow or even TOUCH the guys, it pisses me off! I would hate for a stranger to come up to me and touch me so I would never do that to someone I love & care about. But then again, I’m not like most people. Apparently they had all gone up the to the upper level trying to get away from the fans and cameras since their car wasn’t ready yet.

 Just then, as I was still standing feet away from the bottom of the escalader talking to Sophia, I happen look over and notice this guy coming down right in from of me. IT WAS YONGHWA!!!!! He had come down the escalader again only this time he was no further than two feet in front of me. He took one glance in my direction at which point I just stood and stared because WHAT THE FUCK ELSE CAN YOU DO WHEN THE FOCUS OF YOUR THOUGHTS AND DESIRES IS STANDING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU??? All I could finally mutter was ‘Wha, It’s Yonghwa to Sophia as he kept walking towards the curb again to wait for the car.

Here’s when I started filming:

  140810 YH 2

Yes that’s Mari’s loud ass mouth you hear exclaiming my love for him at the beginning of the clip and I REGRET NOTHING!!! This was truly such an exciting moment for me since I had last seen CNBLUE in LA last January for BLUE MOON USA and of course, this was my first time seeing them so very close up! Believe me, I was so close to Yonghwa that I could see the texture of his skin, he was literally close enough to touch and GAWD it took all of my will and energy to not get even closer to finally see what he SMELLS LIKE!!! But alas, I behaved like the best BOICE I could be and refrained from yelling all the dirty obscenities that came to mind at these sexy beasts that were in my presence. I have to add, Yonghwa is taller than me, YES HE IS!! I’m 5’8 in flats so he’s gotta be at least 5’10 for sure. Yonghwa was definitely not in his normal carefree mood, he basically stared off down the street as did the others waiting quietly for their car to arrive. Surprisingly Jonghyun was in a smiley mood which is opposite to the others, he’s so sexy hot in that TANK TOP, OMG!! They’re all as tall as I imagined with Jungshin and Minhyuk being the tallest but OMG they are SOOOOO HANDSOME close up! Needless to say, it was amazing seeing CNBLUE after so long despite their tired appearance.

Back at the booth, we finished up another successful few hours with BOICE and were happy to see Jeff Benjamin, music journalist for Billboard stop by our booth! Jeff and I had never met beforehand, but we were both featured as CNBLUE Specialists’ for MNET’s KPOP series, ‘Headliner” CNBLUE’ back in January. What can I say, CNBLUE USA is now famous lol… well at least for me it is!


Soon it was time for the concert which we were all understandably super excited about! The lineup for August 10th 2014 was really cool. I was super bummed to miss the first concert on the 9th which included G-Dragon and Teen Top, just two of my other favorite KPOP artists. Tonight, BTS opened up the festivities followed by Jung Joon Young, and Spica. CNBLUE performed second to last right before Girls’ Generation.

My fan cams are super bad, sorry about that, but there are literally TONS of really great videos of CNBLUE‘s entire performance on Youtube so don’t complain about my shitty videos lol! I had hoped that I could film a bit of their performance and get a few really HQ shots of them, but I didn’t since there were so many people in my way and they kept jostling me and the camera. More importantly to me was the fact that I was standing just a few feet away from them again and I could witness their energy and talent for a few moments more. I was really happy to say the least!


All in all, my KCON experience with my girls at CNBLUE USA‘s booth and with CNBLUE is one experience I will never forget. I had a blast with ma BOICE and ma BLUE BOYS and I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my weekend =).


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[FA|Pic|Vid] Mari & CNBLUE USA Attend KCON 2014 | ♪♩ ♬ #CNBLUE ☆ So far this year has been one of the most special times in my life both personally and well, fandom wise!